Terms and conditions

Writhlington Village Hall & Recreation Field Terms & Conditions of Hire

Hereinafter Writhlington Village Hall shall be referred to as ‘WVH’ and the hirer named on the Booking Form as ‘The Hirer’.
1. Booking. All applications for the hire of the Hall &/or Recreation Field must be sent to the Booking Secretary.
2. Fee. A deposit of 25% of the total booking fee or the full payment must be paid when booking the hall &/or recreation field. In the event of cancellation the deposit will be retained by ‘WVH’.
3. Damage. All breakages &/or damage will be charged to ‘The Hirer’.
4. Fire Safety Floor Plan. The Hirer must make themselves aware of the plan which is on display at the hall entrance.
5. Fire Exits. No fire exits shall be blocked or propped open.
6. Fire Appliances. Must not be removed or tampered with.
7. First Aid Kit. The First Aid Kit together with the hall’s Accident Record Book is located by the Emergency Fire Door.
8. Alcohol. Alcoholic drinks may be served free of charge but no sale of alcoholic drinks may be undertaken without the permission of ‘WVH’ and an occasional Licence for the Building is in force. ‘The Hirer’ is responsible for obtaining the licence.
9. Public Entertainments, Music & Dancing Licence. All conditions attached to ‘WVH’s’ licence shall be observed. Ask ‘WVH’ for sight of the licence. Music must cease by 11.45pm and the hall must be vacated by midnight.
10. Conduct & Good Order. ‘The Hirer’ must ensure that good order is kept in the hall during the hiring. At all times ‘The Hirer’ should take care to ensure that the occupants of neighbouring properties are not inconvenienced by noise or obstruction by vehicles.
11. Condition on Vacation. On vacation of the hall ‘The Hirer’ must leave the hall in a clean and orderly state. All rubbish/waste must be removed from the hall and taken away by ‘The Hirer’. The hall (inc. cloakrooms) must be left in as clean a condition as at the start of the hire.
12. Property of ‘The Hirer’. All property must be removed from the hall within 15 minutes after the expiration of the hire otherwise a fee will be charged for each hour. In the case of jumble sales etc., all property unsold must be removed.
13. Hall Capacity. The maximum number of persons allowed in the hall is 160.
14. Entry & Closure of the Hall. The hall will be opened and closed by a ‘WVH’ representative, no keys will be given to ‘The Hirer’.

The ‘WVH’ Committee 5th September 2016