The Hall Committee have decided to open the Snooker Room for members from Tuesday 8th September 2020. However, recent events have changed that – see above

Members will need to look at the hall website to book a slot on our new booking form. A new front door key can be obtained from Lee Swain for £5.

Membership will be reduced for the beginning of next year to allow the 5 month lost membership this year due to CORONA19 Virus closing the hall.

Safety Rules will apply and only 4 members will be allowed in for each booking. One toilet will be open, extractor fan will not be used but paper towels will be available, also soap. Hand Sanitiser available on entry to the snooker room. Members will need to clean everything they touch when they leave.

The committee have had the snooker room deep cleaned including the carpet.

We are sorry that with social distancing still in place we are unable to open the main hall. The rest of the events planned for this year have been cancelled unless circumstances change. This applies to our regular bookings too.


Christmas Lunch News

Due to substantial unexpected repairs and decorating to the Village Hall, we regret to announce that we are unable to fund the over 65’s Christmas Lunch this year.

We know this will be a big disappointment to many people who enjoy the excellent lunch and entertainment every year at Christmas, but the hall repairs will have to come first this year.

Suzanne Fussell

Village Hall Secretary

Our secretary wrote this article, for the local press, about Dennis Chedgy’s talk, given on 3rd Feb 2019.

“It was a pleasure to welcome Dennis Chedgy to Writhlington Village Hall last Sunday evening to entertain us with his talk and slides of Old Writhlington. A packed audience heard stories of the local coal mining heritage, farming and the strength of Methodism in the area.

He provided evidence that contrary to the rumours, there had never been a murder in the Fir Tree Inn. The Fir Tree Inn had provided a lot of pleasure to the locals including wedding receptions and parties. He mentioned the great Elm Tree which stood in the middle of the road where the five roads of today meet.

The bygone era of no motor vehicles and the tranquillity of life in Old Writhlington would be quite acceptable today maybe?

Dennis emphasised how education has rapidly evolved in the village in recent years after St. Mary’s Primary School celebrated its Centenary in 2001 and has steadily been expanding ever since. There is also the state of the art Academy School just behind the now derelict Fir Tree Inn. The Fromeway Inn however is still a thriving public house at the other end of the village.

The village annual Flower Show celebrated its Centenary in 1989 and Dennis paid tribute to the volunteers who formed an extra ‘fund raising’ committee, just for one year to help the official Flower Show Committee. Sadly some of people have since passed away but they have forever left there mark in our history.

Dennis ended his talk by saying that the Village Hall Committee and the Flower Show Committee can go on and build their own histories and create a new future for Writhlington. Michael Cooke, Village Hall Chairman, thanked Dennis for his wonderful evening of entertainment and knowledge.

Suzanne Fussell

Village Hall Secretary”

A recent letter from the Village Hall Secretary which explains that the Writhlington Village Hall Committee and the Flower Show Committee are NOT one and the same.

I was recently asked the question “why do the village hall committee have two Fete’s in one year?”. The answer is, we don’t, and this is not the first time that I have been asked this question. The village Hall Committee and the Flower Show Committee are not the same people. We have also received each other’s phone calls.

The Village Hall Committee are responsible for the day to day running of the hall, its finances, fund raising events, and bookings from the general public.

Maintenance of the hall and grounds are also managed by the hall committee. The grounds are the property of the hall where we held our Fete’ in June.

The village Flower Show in August is organised by a different committee. They organise their own day and rent the hall from the village hall committee.

I hope this goes some way to clearing up any confusion.


Suzanne Fussell

Village Hall Secretary


Find out about the renovated 200th celebration seat at the Manor House in Lower Writhlington – click HERE

Our secretary sent the following regarding our village fete to the papers.


Thank you to everyone who helped or visited our Fete’ last Saturday. Everything that had been planned during the last twelve months almost got off to a flying start when down came the rain.

All the stalls were moved indoors but the Dalek, the Beer Tent and the Bouncy Castle had to be abandoned. Undeterred, the Midsomer Norton Community Band arrived and ‘saved the day’. What started the day as a Fete’ turned into ‘party in the hall’   Cakes, tea, coffee and Pasties provided in the kitchen had been donated by the committee and friends of the hall.

Organised chaos would be a good description with stalls packed in everywhere as visitors still arriving joined in the party. What could have been a complete disaster turned to fun and that was always our aim.


Suzanne Fussell

Village Hall Secretary

Writhlington Village Hall Annual General Meeting – Monday April 23rd at 7.00pm  (19:00) everyone welcome

Following the death of Mr L Gay in December, Mrs Phyllis Gay has been appointed as the new President.